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We strive to maintain loyalty and commitment to our clients cause.
Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals.
We devise solutions that address each client's particular needs and objectives.
IPR Group Services
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Construction & Engineering Contracts
Our firm is well situated to work with international contractors and owners of projects. Our attorneys have the essential experience required in dispute adjudication boards and international construction arbitrations. We are prepared to take part in planning projects, the distribution of associated risks and negotiation of project contracts. The focal point of our firm's advice embraces a comprehension of the contractual risks involved in construction and engineering projects; and act to incorporate appropriate protective provisions. Again, we act to resolve contractual issues and disputes in a manner prone to meet our client's commercial requirements.

Our firm provides services which run from project conception to final takeover, including legal issues that may arise during the maintenance period. In connection with the non-contentious part, we are well prepared to advice upon, negotiate and draft relevant documents for projects of all types. Our legal services include advising on procurement strategy. Perhaps most important, advising appropriate terms and conditions and in particular, warranty, indemnity, insurance, disclaimer, and a limitation of liability clause. Our practice is based on structuring a contract which contains all the main required clauses based on sound international practice such as FIDIC Forms. Nonetheless, we deal with all forms of claims avoidance and resolution of issue that may arise during the life of the project. We normally assist clients to determine disputes without resort to expensive formal proceedings. 

Our Legal Services include the following:
  • Pre-contract risk assessment.
  •  Drafting and negotiating bespoke contracts and amendment to standard forms.
  • Review terms and conditions and ascertain that our client is adequately protected.
  • Undertake the requisite risk analysis and provide legal advice in connection with risk exposure. The risk involved must be commensurate with projected profits.
  • Ensure that the requisite insurance coverage has been purchased and maintained.
  • Ensure that a proper indemnity clause has been included in the appropriate wording.
  • Drafting and negotiating professional appointments and consultancy contracts.
  • Claims preparation and evaluation when appropriate.
  • Resolve disputes in the best manner possible, applying where appropriate, alternative dispute resolution in any form of mediation, conciliation and arbitration.
  • Undertake legal proceedings when appropriate.
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