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We strive to maintain loyalty and commitment to our clients cause.
Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals.
We devise solutions that address each client's particular needs and objectives.
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Corporate Practice

Corporate Governance
Our attorneys understand that corporate governance systems in every single country are to a major degree an outcome of a local and economic background. There are many issues that affect corporate governance including, inter alia, market for shares, the product market, extent of independence of corporate directors even in a two-tier board, auditors' independence, proper managerial accountability, full transparency of executive remuneration, and organization rules and policies. Our attorneys understand that investors will find incentives in jurisdictions where investment structures are much more beneficial to shareholders. As trade barriers decrease markets increase, information flows get better, and restrictions on investment fade away. Our attorneys are aware that the Board of Directors is the key corporate monitor, the reliable watchdog for managerial indulgence and the safeguard in times of corporate hardship. Our attorneys are also aware that non-executive directors can trim down cost by the management team in a diligent and impartial manner. Independent directors holders of a financially significant equity stake in the enterprise are apt to acquire neutrality and objectivity conducive to undertake the appropriate management action.  
 The firm recognizes that corporate governance is the technique by the means of which a company manages itself in order to ensure fair and equitable return to all shareholders and other financial stakeholders. Our clients need and we are prepared to assist in structuring internal governance procedure, external legal and regulatory mechanism to ensure that the company’s assets are being operated in the interests of all shareholders and financial stakeholders. Our firm recognizes that investors are prepared to pay more for shares of well governed companies than those of poorly governed companies.

Core corporate legal services:
 In every case we focus on our clients’ business with a view to assisting in achieving their conceived goals. In addition to undertaking routine transactions, we are also well-situated to structure complicated and novel transactions. We have to know to work out intricate issues and device sensible creative solutions. We render legal advice in contentious and non-contentious corporate matters. Tax is regularly an essential part of our transactional advice to our clients. Our firm has a comprehensive corporate practice ranges from company start-up to merger and acquisition, company’s reorganization, joint venture agreements and venture capital transactions. We are also prepared to negotiate and draft a wide variety of commercial contracts relevant to corporate business.

Legal services include the following:

  • Business start-up, including incorporation of businesses.
  • Board and shareholder disputes.
  • Directors’ duties.
  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Advise in Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • Amendments to the objects clause of the Memorandum of Association. 
  • Increasing authorized share capital as may be required.
  • Company secretarial advice such as filing statutory documents at the Commercial Registrar General Office including preparing and maintaining registers of shareholders, directors and other statutory records, filing of annual returns and other statutory documents, giving notice of change as regards, inter alia, officers, share capital and act to attain registration for such changes.
  • Preparing formal Board and Annual General Meeting Minutes.
  • Corporation tax.
  • Corporate insurance and re-insurance.
  • Leases.
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts.
  • Negotiating and drafting management contracts.
  •  Structuring service and consultancy contracts for the company in many different areas.
  • Joint venture agreements,
  • Partnership agreements
  • Sale and purchase of the share capital of a company.
  • Sale of a business.
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