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We strive to maintain loyalty and commitment to our clients cause.
Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals.
We devise solutions that address each client's particular needs and objectives.
IPR Group Services
Email : mail@dradamiprgroup.com

A good degree and command of the English language is a prerequisite. Again, excellent communication skills whether verbally or in writing are essential. We support graduates to cultivate a proactive relationship with our domestic and international clients. We furnish good support to newly recruited graduates as would enhance their aptitudes. Our attitude in connection with training is apt to permit a person to obtain invaluable experience in an array of relevant legal areas as would enable a person to discern his capability at the right juncture. We endeavor to import to each trainee the requisite commercial perception and a consciousness of what is occurring in the market place. We ascertain the scope of responsibility for each individual with an arrangement that phases in direction and support. We provide a welcoming, self-motivated and cooperative atmosphere. On principle, the legal staff must be assigned work on equal basis as would afford prospect for professional performance. However, we act to promote an individual's ability to meet deadlines and to carry out several assignments concomitantly.

To apply, please send your C.V with a covering letter making it "Private and Confidential" to:

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim M. Adam
P.O. Box 8355 Khartoum 12217
The Sudan
Alternatively, you may elect to send your application to:

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