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IPR Group Services
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Intellectual Property

Our firm recognizes that intellectual property is one of the company’s most valuable assets. We are living in a knowledge driven economy where commercialized high technology is taking the lead. In the present commercial environment corporate intangible assets are considered much more invaluable than physical assets as intangible assets are apt to forge the way for new business opportunities. Hence, IP is the driving force behind business growth. As a matter of fact, it is the base on which new fortunes are accumulated. It is a vital lever to business success. Needless to say intellectual property protection stands as a strategic priority and an essential action to maintain and remain competitive.

Scope of Legal Services
Our firm offers a full range of legal services relating to intellectual property. As a matter of fact our Intellectual Property Group handles all matters in connection with intellectual property.  The Intellectual Property Group is committed to providing high quality legal counsel to technology driven clients. We assist clients in various industries embracing, among others, pharmaceuticals, chemical, electrical, mechanical, electronic, and computer technology.

 Our range of services includes filing and prosecuting applications for patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. Again, it also covers handling oppositions, infringement, revocation and other proceedings up to the granting of intellectual property rights. Our firm is prepared to meet our clients' need as regards advising, searching, maintaining and securing our clients' intellectual property rights. We advise clients on acquisition, transfer and exploitation of intellectual property rights. We assist our clients in connection of enforcement of intellectual property rights and where appropriate we advise our client as regards dispute resolution in respect of patents, trademarks, copyright, design and confidential information. We represent our clients before competent courts as when appropriate. Our attorneys have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating technology transfer agreements.

Licensing and technology transactions include the following:

  • Service franchise agreements.
  • Patent license and know how license agreements.
  • Design license agreements.
  • Copyright merchandising agreements.
  • Assignment of patent.
  • Assignment of copyright in existing work.
  • Software marketing license.
  • Hardware sale agreements.
  • Hardware maintenance agreements.
  • Source code deposit agreements.
  • Confidence agreements
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