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We strive to maintain loyalty and commitment to our clients cause.
Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals.
We devise solutions that address each client's particular needs and objectives.
IPR Group Services
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International Trade

We have specialized expertise and experience as regards issues pertaining to international trade matters. Our firm recognizes that GATT/WTO liberalization efforts have generated a substantial impact on domestic and foreign companies. On account of our strong understanding of issues and trends related to commercial globalization, our firm is well equipped to advise on the regulation of international trade in goods and services. We are prepared to advice and represent corporations across many industries including manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and high technology.

Practice highlights include the following

  •  Assist companies in connection with compliance with customs laws. We advice clients on import compliance programs, customs requirements (marking, classification, origin etc.)  We provide assistance to safeguard against penalties through internal reviews that assess compliance with customs laws regulations.
  • Advice as regards products that infringe on intellectual property rights.
  • Advise on Export control regulations as regards goods.
  • Advice on trade regulations matters involving laws governing consumer protection and competition.
  • Advice on problems arising out of international sale of goods contracts carried by sea.
  • Advice on problems arising out of international commercial terms (ICOTERMS), the standard trade terms most often used in international contracts. Correct use of INCOTERMS provides the required contractual certainty.
  • Advice on the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits which are utilized throughout the world.
  • Drafting contracts for the sale and purchase of merchandize.
  • Advice and drafting international franchising contracts.
  • Advice and drafting contracts for the turnkey supply of industrial plant.
  •  Advise on foreign investment regulations.
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