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We strive to maintain loyalty and commitment to our clients cause.
Our mission is to help clients achieve their business goals.
We devise solutions that address each client's particular needs and objectives.
IPR Group Services
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Almost invariably all commercial dealings have tax implications. Tax matters may have an effect on the transaction such as dictating what form the transaction shall assume. Tax is the key to comprehend why most transactions are structured in a particular technique. When structuring and documenting corporate transactions, adverse tax consequences should be minimized. Our firm provides services in all areas of commercial taxation and advice on transactions across a broad range of industries.  The interpretation of present tax law is intricate, and often requires the joint skills of a variety of experts from different disciplines. We bring together our legal expertise with other professionals to approach unique tax and business challenges. Besides, our firm works directly with client in-house and independent consultants in accounting, financial planning, economics, and other disciplines.

Practice highlights include the following:

  • We advice clients in evaluating complex legal, tax and financial accounting considerations so that the client can make the right decision about whether to engage in a specific transaction or not. We provide plain and original tax advice to clients for their transactions and tax disputes.
  •  We recognize that tax evaluation is only a part of the basic economics of a transaction. We advise alternative structures that may generate more constructive tax results, while stay true to our client's objectives.
  •  We help our client to decide among different forms of business organization. Whether you are a small starting –up venture or a well reputable publicly traded company, the structure of your business operations and transactions can shape your tax consequences. We can provide orderly tax advice in connection with selecting the right form of your business.
  •  We offer tax advice to domestic and foreign legal entities, including business investment, corporations whether a public company or a limited liability company.
  • Our counseling embraces joint-ventures, partnerships, merger and acquisitions. Our planning advice is always adjusted to address not just our clients' instant troubles, but to expect on top the probable problems they will meet as the business develops. We offer the finest solutions for maximizing the after tax returns.
  • Our firm represents clients in all phases when an entity faces tax audit or administrative hearing contesting proposed tax deficiencies before local taxing authorities, however, when a satisfactory administrative settlement can not be attained, our firm is prepared to guide clients as regards tax litigation in courts.
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